Different industrial robot types

There are many robot types and models that vary following multiple parameters. Here are some essential parameters to define a robot type: the number of axes: the majority of industrial robots have 3 to 7 axes. the function and flexibility of the robot: this usually determines the number of axes. Ex: 4 axes will be sufficient for palletization. the working environnement: the environnement rather determines the mechanical protection of the robot. Ex: A robot performing plasma welding must be protected against splashing. A robot…

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What is an industrial robot?

Before define the “industrial robot” term, it’s important to define what is a robot. Definition of a robot A robot could be defined in a numbers of way depending of the activity sector. For the public, the robot term will be immediately associated with an humanoid robot of this type :   In the industrial world, the robot term is related to different types. Here are some exemples :   Theoretical definition of a robot An industrial robot is a…

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